Marion Ragonnet Patrimoine is a Limited Liability Company

The manager, who has a Master in Wealth Management, a Master of Economics and a Master of Laws , worked 6 years  in the banking sector before running her own business

The Company Marion Ragonnet Patrimoine is member of the association Anacofi-CIF (E003756) and registered in Orias n°13001919 (

The Company

One of the aims of the Company is to provide insurance policy and insurance advices to those who are not necessarily familiar with the French system and legal needs in order to help them to find the right guarantee at the best price.

SARL (LLC) with the capital of 7500€

RCS Nîmes 491553491

APE 6619B

Financial Guarantee and professional indemnity insurance at CGPA 46, rue Cardinet 75826 Paris cedex 17

Business partners

The business model of this Company, Marion Ragonnet Patrimoine, is based on business partners' fees, so that the customers can enjoy all of the services provided without fees.